Demo: Custom content management

In the on-page editing demo we show a way to keep free-form data updated. Sometimes, however, the information we're working with is much more structured. There may be many items, each of which has many details to keep track of. Further, each item may be presented in a few different formats. Examples include:

  • Restaurant: Each dish has a name, description, price, category. The menu will be shown online and be printed for in-house use.
  • Bed and breakfast: Each room has a set of rates, availability information by date, list of amenities. Details will be shown on the room page, on the availability calendar, and transmitted to third-party reservation systems.
  • Property listings: Each property has an address, description, price, lot size, square footage, etc. Properties can be searched by price and features, details will be shown on the individual pages and on printed feature sheets.

By keeping these data in a structured format, we can manage many items easily, and leave the work of formatting the different presentations to the server. Try out a simple demo below. Edit the details of the rooms, and see the different presentations change to match.

Edit the room details here
+ Add room
...then format as a rate sheet
Room name Low season Mid season High season