Demo: On-page editing

Imagine logging on to your website and making changes right on the page. MDI Websites can make that a reality. Want to try? Click anywhere on this page to ensure the page has focus. On your keyboard, press Control-Shift-2 (using the "2" button on the top number row). When the login box pops up, enter username admin and password easy. Click the pencil icon to start editing. Make your changes right on the page, and use the toolbar at the top of the page to edit formatting. Click the disk icon to save. Next time you load this page, you'll see your changes1. It's as easy as that!

Charlie Bucket stared around the gigantic room in which he now found himself. The place was like a witch's kitchen! All about him black metal pots were boiling and bubbling on huge stoves, and kettles were hissing and pans were sizzling, and strange iron machines were clanking and spluttering, and there were pipes running all over the ceiling and walls, and the whole place was filled with smoke and steam and delicious rich smells.

  1. On a live site, your changes would be saved on the server so all visitors would see them. For this demo, your changes are stored in your browser. If you change browsers or computers, or if you clear your browser's cache, you won't see your changes anymore.